Members of the CPPCC Federation of Trade Unions visited Huaye Group for guidance.

Members of the CPPCC Federation of Trade Unions visited Huaye Group for guidance.


    On August 7, members of the CPPCC Federation of Trade Unions and other relevant leaders came to Huaye Group for investigation. Focused on the construction and reform of industrial workers, deeply understood the practices, achievements and experiences of enterprises in the construction of highly skilled talents, and put forward suggestions for the existing problems and difficulties.

    Ma Liming, Chairman of the Group Company, introduced in detail the company's main products, EPC engineering projects, civil military integration projects, and the development of the "the Belt and Road" project in overseas markets to Li Shouzhen, former member of the Party Leadership Group of the All China Federation of Trade Unions and director of the Funding Review Committee, Wang Yilin, former Chairman of CNPC, Tang Fuping, former Chairman of China Minmetals Group, Dong Qiang, former Chairman of China Shipbuilding Industry Group, and Chen Jinxing, former Chairman of China Datang Group, Xu Heyi, the former chairman of BAIC Motor Group Co., Ltd , Lin Guojun, the vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Liu Yichun, the deputy director of the Municipal People's Congress, and Sun Ping, the deputy mayor. Over the years, the Group has increased its scientific research efforts, strengthened its cooperation with the academician teams of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, attracted top high-tech talents in the industry, and taken such measures as solidly promoting the reform of the talent development system and mechanism, increasing the introduction and training of scientific and technological talents, to promote the implementation of the reform of the construction of industrial workers.


    The committee members put forward suggestions for MCC Group to continue to deepen the reform of industrial worker team construction and cultivate more replicable and promotable samples.The members pointed out that we should emancipate our minds, explore ways to introduce talents, strengthen cooperation between schools and enterprises, carry out internal training of enterprises, and strive to solve the problem of shortage of highly skilled talents in key positions and key processes.We should pay attention to the evaluation and utilization mechanism of innovative talents, and pay more attention to key posts, front-line production posts, and highly skilled talents in urgent need, so as to improve the status and professional identity of skilled talents and ensure that talents can be recruited and retained.

    After the survey, aiming at the practical exploration and difficulties faced by enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, digital transformation and talent training, the trade union sector members will make contributions to the development of enterprises, the growth of workers and the construction of a scientific and technological power to the best of their ability through active proposals.