The fisrt set of M166 Project has been manufactured and shipped successfully

     On December 18th, after 46 days of joint efforts by the company, the first SF-100000/220 main transformer of the M166 export project was successfully shipped. The project team led by General Manager Qin Wei has organized multiple communications with Client regarding technology, production, testing, and project schedule. All divisions have worked together to ensure that the products pass the testing under Client`s supervision at one time, and have received recognition from client, laying a solid foundation for the following development of the project. The project is located in an extremely cold area with an ambient temperature below minus 50 degrees Celsius, and the conditions for operating a transformer are extremely harsh. Li Enyong, who is Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer of the company, personally led the team to organize engineers from the technical department to overcome technical design difficulties and pave the way for smooth manufacturing in the later stage. Due to the tight project schedule, all production pressure was left to the manufacturing workshop. Under the overall command of the manufacturing factory, with the efforts of related divisions such as ,procurement, QC, and workshops, the first main transformer of the M166 project was scheduled to be shipped to the port on December 18th, and the remaining main transformers will also be shipped gradually by the end of this month, marking a successful end to 2023.