Huaye Group was visited by Guo Caiyun ,Deputy Governor of Liaoning Province for Research and Guidelines

       On April 21st, Guo Caiyun, Deputy Governor of Liaoning Province and Chairman of the Liaoning Provincial Committee of China Democratic Construction Association, accompanied by Zhang Yanlin, member of the Standing Committee of the Anshan Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, and Cui Yuling, Deputy Director of the Anshan Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee and Chairman of the Anshan Municipal Committee of China Democratic Construction Association, visited Liaoning Huaye Group for research. Guo Caiyun and his delegation visited the production workshop of Huaye Group, and Chairman Ma Liming (of Huaye Group) accompanied them to give a detailed introduction to the products and equipment processes on the manufacturing site. Subsequently, a conference was held for information exchange and communication, and Chairman Ma Liming gave a specific introduction to the company's main products, EPC engineering projects, military civilian integration projects, and overseas market expansion. During the conference, in-depth exchanges were held around the intelligent upgrading of heavy industry electrical equipment, opportunities for overseas market industry development, and policy support by Government. Guo Caiyun stated that as a key private enterprise in Liaoning Province, Huaye Group has strong innovation competitiveness and a large market share in the field of heavy industry electrical equipment manufacturing, especially the "Electrification of Africa" project and overseas market expansion project that have been carried out in recent years, which have broad development prospects. The provincial government will make efforts to help enterprises solve policy and development issues on the way forward, and remind Huaye Group to continue to do more and further R&D jobs , continuously improve enterprise core competitiveness, and lay a strong and solid foundation for the "Electrification of Africa" project and overseas market expansion projects. It is hoped that Huaye Group can bravely move forward in the electrical industry in the future and Be a benchmark enterprise for Anshan's going global.