Reactive compensation filtering device(EQ/AR)

Capacitor Switching Group 
    EQUALIZER use the latest electronic switch capacitor group. capacitors closed and judgement proceed when the current is zero, so avoid inrush current brought by the traditional contacts switch capacitor group,and to extend the life of the dynamic compensation system. 

Scan Mode 
    EQUALIZER use the unique scanning mode to protect the capacitor to prevent overheating explosion, to extend the life of capacitors by reducing the flow and the heat. Electronic switch (unlimited operations), connected to a group of capacitors at the simultaneous shutdown of another group of capacitors. This operation conducted every few seconds, to ensure that cut out all the capacitors by turns, while the overall external compensation not to change. Such as low task cycle reduce the average current, and because of the unique design of the reactor, the reactor to reduce the temperature rise to a large extent, the capacitance cabinet to avoid the overheating greatly. 

Stable capacitance 
    The traditional mechanical and electrical contact switch of capacitance cabinet, for the closed and shutdown lead to the surge, reducing the capacity of capacitors and life greatly. Particularly the traditional capacitor cabine in the demodulator or tuning system, when change radiant / reactor when change the system resonance frequency, this will cause resonance, the life of the equipment have a serious impact. EQUALIZER prevent the formation of such a situation, extend the life of a capacitor, reduce equipment maintenance costs and access to more long-term performance of the filter. 

Ideal reactive control 
    By use proprietary control theory and fast electronic switches cut out, regardless of the number needed to cut out, the overall completion time (totally reactive current compensation) are generally in the 2 / 3 complete the cycle (50 Hz = 13.3ms; 60Hz = 11.1ms). 
    Power Factor Control use precision, advanced closed-loop detection / control, measuring all the information of three-phase, including all the harmonic content (1-63). meet with the minimum, maximum and average power factor mode, and the setting-off threshold, can claim a perfect reactive power compensation. EQUALIZER line for the load on the establishment of a unique line of control, can calculate the internal current transformer to check. Third-party certification testing for voltage drops and flicker, EQUALIZER can provide the best, most accurate way of compensation. 

Quick and Accurate measurement 
    EQUALIZER controller FFT (Fast Fourier decomposition), to analysis all of the power information in each cycle. Various power data, system status and detailed records of the events can display on the large backlit LCD screen, or sent to the user-friendly software PowerIQ by computer communication for making a more detailed analysis. 
Power IQ measurement and analysis software (optional) 
Power quality analysis software, based on Windows, displaying systems of work, and measuring results and real-time data. 
    Can be used in welding machine, injection molding machines, port machinery, factory cranes, the electrical starter. Progressive can be used with the harmonics governance, electrified railways, hospitals, high-rise buildings or other commercial centres (elevators, air conditioning, an important load), generators (emergency backup, parallel and independent operation), wind power and other industrial nature of the load.