360MVA/230kV and below Autotransformer
Three-phase oil-immersed loaded autotransformer 360MVA/230kV

In the design of 230kV auto-coupled power transformer, the advanced European calculation software is used to optimize the design of the transformer in the four fields of electric field, magnetic field, temperature field and mechanical field, and the world's advanced winding type is used to ensure its manufacturing process is simple and reliable, and the design performance of the winding conductor is guaranteed. At the same time, its mechanical strength is guaranteed, and its heat dissipation capacity is increased, reaching the excellent level of no partial discharge. The performance of the transformer conforms to European energy efficiency standards and Chinese energy efficiency standards.

        According to the special purpose and strict impedance requirements of the transformer, accurately adjust the arrangement position of each winding to match the special operating conditions. The transformer is equipped with a separate voltage regulating winding, so that when the winding is in various tapping positions, the ampere-turn unevenness of the winding on each side tends to be minimized, and the large axial short circuit force is prevented from being generated from the design. The high-voltage winding adopts axial two parallel circuits, which simplifies the end insulation structure and reduces the axial short circuit force, saving insulation materials and improving the reliability of the transformer.