SZ20-63000kVA/110kV Power Transformer

        110kV power transformer has the characteristics of low noise, low partial discharge, low temperature rise, short circuit resistance, impact resistance, no leakage and beautiful appearance. All iron cores are made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets with high magnetic conductivity grain orientation. In order to improve no-load performance and reduce no-load loss, the iron core has no punching. The iron core is cut by the longitudinal and transverse shear lines, and the burr at the shear opening is not greater than 0.02mm. The no-load performance index is superior to the energy efficiency standard. The iron core column adopts Ukrainian tooling binding technology, which has good stability and reduces local overheating of the iron core. The radial direction of the winding is designed with zero margin. The bracing and cardboard between the iron core and the paper cylinder of the inner winding, and between the windings are fully dry and closely matched before the assembly, to ensure that the entire winding has excellent tightness and concentricity. Guided cooling technology is adopted to reduce local overheating inside the winding. The tank wall is made of wide steel plate without butt welding, which is folded into a "corrugated structure", reducing the weld seam and increasing the mechanical strength. At the same time, the corrugated tank wall has weakening effect to reduce the noise. The performance of the transformer conforms to European energy efficiency standards and Chinese energy efficiency standards.