Electrolytic Rectifier Transformer
Voltage Regulating Rectifier Transformer for Electrolytic Zinc Industry

At present, the voltage regulating rectifier transformer used in the electrolytic zinc industry mostly uses 35kV - 220kV power supply, with an annual output of 150000 tons, and the electrolytic cell mostly uses 200kA series. The rated DC voltage is about 450-600V, and the capacity of a single voltage regulating rectifier transformer can reach 70MVA. Generally, N+1 standby mode is adopted.The voltage regulating transformer and rectifier transformer share the same oil tank or separate structure. Forced oil - air cooling are often used, and self-cooling is also used.

When regulating the voltage of the secondary side of the regulating transformer, the voltage of 110kV and below shall adopt auto-coupling voltage regulation, and the voltage of 220kV shall adopt step-down voltage regulation.Generally, it is continuous voltage regulation, and the number of stages is 27 or 35. On-load tap changer is mostly made by domestic companies. 110kV and above voltage regulating transformer is equipped with filter compensation winding.

The primary side of the rectifier transformer is connected with the secondary side of the voltage regulating transformer through the oil-in-oil bushing outside the oil tank. The phase shift angle of the rectifier transformer is calculated according to the total pulse number of 12N. The single unit group forms 12 pulse waves, and the phase shift angle difference within the single unit group is 30 °. The valve side adopts the bridge in-phase inverse parallel structure. The rectifier cabinet adopts silicon control and secondary tube.